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"Light Pollution" - The Only Pollution that Costs More to Perpetuate than to Eliminate!


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Poor Outdoor Lighting is Causing Serious Problems on Many "Levels".

You can make a difference with "Responsible" outdoor lighting!

No Light Above the Horizontal - Right Amount of Light for the Task - On Only When Needed

About half of the Southern Arizona Research Science Engineering Fair (SARSEF) K-12 Projects that we reviewed, over 2,100 total.

We awarded nine cash prizes totaling $535 and certificates for worthy projects regarding Dark Skies. - March 2019


How Much Light Pollution Do You Have In The Area Where You Live? (see map)



After you click on the "see map" link above you can pan

and then zoom in and out for any part of the world.


The map legend will show two sets or readings.  The dots are

the colors with corresponding ranges that are the ones you

get when measuring sky brightness using the handheld

Sky Quality Meter (SQM).




- A Wonderful Poem "Saving the Desert's Dark Skies" Presented to the IDA at their Annual General Meeting held in December, 2016.  By Xander, an inspired 6th grade student. (read)


-  "Experimenting With Light" - Our 20 minutes hands on activity for students from grades 4 to 12 (participate with us at one of the STEM events)


-  USA Lights at Night Poster (view)  See if you can find Tucson and your hometown?

-  Outdoor Lighting Issues Should First Be Resolved Amicably If Possible.  It Is All About Education and Understanding Why Poor Lighting Can Hurt Our Environment As Well As Being Offensive.

Violations can be Reported to your City or County Development Services Department.

See our "Outdoor Lighting Codes" page for some of these links.



 -  Our glossy brochure is available to all for basic information and handouts (view)

 -  Education/Classroom Helpers - Activities, games, videos, puzzles, worksheets, etc.  (view)

 -  U of A Football Stadium Lights for HD Broadcasts - (see Before and After photos)

         Twice as much light on the field, saving 25% electricity costs, and light spill significantly reduced...

 -  How Much Water can you save with very simple electricity saving measures? (details)

       Each family can save over 1,700 gallons per year, all of Arizona can save over 3.4 Billion Gallons per Year

 -  Poster - Lights at Night -USA printed for handouts (view/download)

 -   Narrated Power Point Presentation "Wreaking Havoc" with Outdoor Lights  (view/download)



Meeting  Information

The Southern Arizona Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association (SA-IDA) meets most months

 on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, usually at 5:30 p.m., 3225 N. First Ave, Tucson, AZ.  (entrance is in southwest corner in the court yard area) (see map)

 Check our "Meetings" page to verify dates and for details.

All are Welcome to attend and participate in our meetings and volunteer to work on some projects.


Donations are tax Deductible, 501 (c)(3),  and are Always Appreciated!

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Animal Cards to print for science Night Events-pdf file new 2/27/19 (view)


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