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Date:   October 3, 2003

The Southern Arizona Section of the IDA (sa-ida) has just released their first Photo Story production titled "Dark Skies".   The "Dark Skies" CD consists of about 90 narrated photos (total length is 16 minutes) telling about the concerns and problems when the  skies are lit up at night.  Topics addressed include wildlife,  plant life, human health, astronomy, light pollution and energy conservation.

A PC computer program from Microsoft was used to create the story.  It is called Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition - Photo Story feature (cost about $20) which only runs under XP operating system but once created the story will play on other operating systems.

Photo Story generates a  high quality .wmv file which can be played using Windows Media Player software, version 9.0 or later (Microsoft says ver 7.1 as noted on the CD, but need 9.0 to get both audio and video).  Version 9 is available from Microsoft for free downloading if needed.   Go to "Downloads & Updates", then to "Microsoft Windows Updates" for Windows Media Player upgrade.

The file on the CD (a mini business card CD) is "Dark Skies v3.wmv" and is about 32 MB in size.  The file that can be downloaded has been compressed and zipped up to reduce it size to about 23 MB.  This can be downloaded in 2 to 3 minutes on high speed links and much longer if you have dial-up.

If you are not able to download the file you can email sa-ida (info @ and request a copy be mailed to you.  This story was developed for educational purposes regarding light pollution.  This computer file may be copied and distributed to others for educational purposes only, no changes or alterations may be made to its content. 

Photos and text used will be made available to other IDA Sections upon request.

Download 23 MB PKZip File   (warning... this is a big file for dial-up Internet users)




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