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Here are some of the Projects being pursued by volunteer members of SA-IDA:

  In Progress...   For more information sent Email to:   sky @ sa-ida dot org (do not include the spaces)

Develop and Publish News articles for local Tucson Newspapers - Especially Three Points area of Tucson  

Write and get several articles published in area newspapers to educate residents on good lighting practices.  Many glare bomb type lights are being installed and need to be addressed.  Brian Smith coordinator.

Present another "Excellence in Outdoor Lighting Award - ongoing 

Review possible sites/businesses and select a good example of reducing light pollution by changing outdoor lighting.  John Polacheck coordinator.

    Completed Projects...
  • Develop and Print Light Pollution Handouts for Children to have at various Events and Fairs
    Design  stickers, coloring book pages, etc. for children's level to be used as hand out materials at various fairs and Dark Sky educational events.  "Light Pollution Catcher" game completed (see Resources). Joe coordinating.

    Design and get approval to distribute an ARIZONA Dark Skies Organizational license plate -on hold

    Starizona (Dean Koenig) designed a wonderful license plate and the application has been submitted to the state for approval.  If approved, plates can be purchased for an additional $25 per year, Dark Skies (IDA) will receive $17 per year of the fee.  The plates will provide great advertising and provide money for the Arizona Sections to promote good lighting.  Joe  coordinating.  see Plate Design

    Develop and Produce a Southern Arizona Specific "Dark Skies" Presentation Photo Story/Video (completed Oct. 6, 2003)
    Write a story about the importance of Southern Arizona Dark Skies with details of the effects and things that people can do to help restore and preserve our dark skies.  Use Southern Arizona photos with pans and zooms with narration and background music.  Target length to be about 10 to 15 minutes.  Distribute on mini CDs for educational purposes, hopefully at a cost of 30 to 40 cents each.  Joe coordinating (details)
    Initiate Distribution of Dark Sky Literature by our Local Astronomy Stores (start Nov. 03)
    Put together Dark Skies/Light Pollution information packets and distribute to local astronomy stores to include in their mail orders and hand out at store to customers.  There are three major stores in the Tucson area. Byron and Joe coordinating
    Establish Science Fair Awards for projects involving Light Pollution or Related subjects  

    Encourage school children to consider doing science projects (SARSEF) involving light pollution subjects and set up a program to award prizes including cash for the best projects (Cash prizes of $100, $50, $25 plus gifts from local astronomy stores).  Possibly coordinate with Project Astro.    SARSEF Judging to be March 18, 2003 -See Awards page for awards given.

    Develop and Print Light Pollution Handouts for Children to have at various Events and Fairs
    Design games, information sheets, stickers, coloring book pages, etc. for children's level to be used as hand out materials at various fairs and Dark Sky educational events.  Light Pollution Catcher Quiz/game completed Oct. 2002
    Participate in the Nature Tales & Trails - A Harvest Moon Celebration
    Set up telescopes and Outdoor Lighting exhibits, hand out educational brochures.  Saturday September 21, 2002,  7:00pm - 9:00pm Scott Davis coordinator (Details)
    Design and Distribute a new Things You Can Do To Help Brochure
    Design a brochure to outline things that students, families, and businesses or clubs can do to help reduce light pollution and bring more awareness about Good outdoor lighting.  completed  Oct. 2002
    Participate in the Tucson Audubon Society's 3rd Annual Ironwood Festival 2002 - May 11th  (completed May 2002)

    Set up a telescope(s) with sun filter for kids to view the sun (Jack Tepper & John Polacheck) and hand out literature about the need for good outdoor lighting to be able to view the stars.   Scott Davis  coordinator. (Details)

    Create and Implement a Web Site for the Southern Arizona Section of IDA  (completed May 2002)

    This Web site is being implemented to provide more information to the community and interested parties about the activities and accomplishments of SA-IDA.  Suggestions for improvement are welcome.  Send a note to the webmaster (address at the bottom of each page).

    You Can make a Difference with "Good" Outdoor Lighting... brochure  (completed May 2002)

    (A tri-fold brochure to be used for handouts at various locations and meetings to explain the basics of light pollution and what can be done to modify existing poor outdoor lighting and guidelines to select good lights for new outdoor lighting.  The second draft has been printed and is available for distribution as requested.  Joe Frannea coordinating. (Brochure)

    Review, Revise and Publish the Lighting Complaint Form  (completed May 2002)

    The current form needs new wording and contact information updated.  The form is used to file a request for light pollution problems (glare, light trespass, sky glow) to be reported for investigation.  (see Resources page for Complaint form) Chris Monrad & Joe Frannea

    Participate in Earth Day at the University of Arizona - April 22nd,  10 am to 3pm  (completed April 2002)

    Set up a display and hand out information for discussion with students. Scott Davis IDA coordinator.

    Send mail to  webmaster  at   sa-ida  dot   org    with questions or comments about this web site.