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Our Education Mission is to educate and disseminate credible information and research results to educators and the public so they can review it and share it with others.  Reducing Light Pollution and not creating  new Light Pollution all starts with education.

One effort in our Educational arena is to develop activities and materials that teachers and other educators can directly use to compliment their lesson plans.  The chart below lists items we have developed for general use by anyone who may benefit from them.  We are always creating new items so check back frequently or email us to be put on our notification list when we add new items.

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Educational Materials to Compliment Lesson Plans - Light Pollution and Dark Skies Themes

Prepared by the Southern Arizona Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association

Please Note: We are always looking for good educational ideas regarding Light Pollution and the importance of Dark Skies.

 We welcome your suggestions and ideas, please email us: sky @ sa-ida. org

Read About our Educational Activities including our participation in SARSEF and FUNFEST (read)    ED-00

Grades best guess

Description (minimum time for activity - just a suggestion, can easily often be varied)

Type of Activity



K to 1

ED-01* Sea turtle hatchlings - impact on them from outside lights (10 min.)

Single sheet - coloring page - draw lines on a maze

Science, puzzles

crayons or colored pencils for each student

2 to 6

ED-02 Light Pollution Catcher Game - fortune teller hand creation (20 minutes)   View/Download

Origami folding, play a light pollution game

Science, following directions

scissors, one per 4 students

4 to 12

ED-03* Experimenting with light hands-on exercise - up to 25 students at a time (30 minutes)-at FUNFEST Nov 2010

Discovering how light scatters, reflects, causes light pollution

Science, optics

flashlight and a black/white paper card, per student

3 to 12

ED-04* USA Lights at Night (30 minutes)

Identify major cities in the US based on upward light pollution


11x17 poster of USA or use letter size, ea. student

4 to 12

ED-05 Shielded Lights put light on the ground  (20 minutes - group activity)

Activity to use a floodlight and discover where light goes

Ecology, energy savings

Clip on lamp with and w/o a shield.

4 to 12

ED-06 Saving Electricity and Water while Reducing Pollution- calculations - 2 similar Exercises, 5 problems each one  (20 to 30 minutes each)  Work Sheet    Excel Spreadsheet 

Calculations using addition/multiplication keeping units straight

Math, Ecology

Pencil, calculator optional for each student

3 to 12

ED-07 "Dark Skies" Video Presentation (16 min. + discussion time)                        View/Download

View video, discussion after, basic dark sky concepts

Ecology, save energy

Computer to play file

3 to 12

ED-08 "Wreaking Havoc" Video Presentation (18 min. + discussion time)    View/Download

View video, discussion after, impact on wildlife

Ecology, animals

Computer to play file

2 to 6

ED-09 Discussing and Understanding Light Pollution (20 min.)                                View/Download

Discussion - Group activity


small tri-fold brochure for each student-Print/cut 2/page

3 to 8

ED-10* Discovering and understanding contrasts - white/black and seeing stars (15 min)

Learning about contrasts and why you canít always see stars


chalk, black pen, white and black paper, one flashlight

3 to 12

ED-11 Bingo using dark sky terms (30 min minimum)    View/Save

Learning about Light Pollution

Science, Ecology

bingo sheet, pencil

2 to 8

ED-12 CrossWord Puzzle using Light Pollution and Dark Skies Terms (30 min)  Entry Level   Advanced Level

Using Light Pollution Terms

Science, spelling

crossword puzzle sheet, pencil

1 to 5

ED-13  Educational Word Search  (15 to 30 minutes)                                           Entry Level          Advanced Level    

Using Light Pollution Terms

Science, spelling grid with letters, sheet, pencil
3 to 12 ED-14  Effects of Nighttime Lighting on Wildlife - An Introduction (View/Download) Fact Sheet - 2 pages Ecology none
3 to 12 ED 15  Where is Your Outdoor Light Going?  Using a Measurement Tool (View/Download) Exercise, back side of paper sheet is a tool Ecology pencil

*This material/exercise is being considered for developed.


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