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Help Needed!


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Help Needed! - Here are some things you can do to help restore and protect Southern Arizona Dark Skies:

As an Individual  (let us know about your activities: sky  @  sa-ida dot org )

Nominate a Business for a SA-IDA Good Lighting Award  
Know of a Business or Company that has recently changed out some Poor Outdoor Lighting?  Please  send details to us at sky at sa-ida dot org so we can consider them for an award.  
Check your own property for "Good" Outdoor Lighting  
Have you looked at your house from the outside at night or better yet, from you neighbors view?  Be sure all fixtures have full cut-off shields and do not emit light horizontally or upward into the sky.  Only turn on Outdoor Lights when needed.  Refer to our Southern Arizona Dark Skies "You Can Make a Difference with 'Good' Outdoor Lighting..." blue brochure.  This can be printed from this web site (Brochures
Report an Outdoor Light that is Illegal or a Bad Polluter!
If there is a bright Outdoor Light that gives off a lot of Glare or Sky Glow (light shining outwards or upwards), talk to the owner politely to see if they are aware of it and if they are willing to do something about it.  If not, and you believe the light is illegal, for City of Tucson and Pima County your can file a complaint online with the appropriate Development Services Department.
Come to Southern Arizona International Dark Skies (SA-IDA) Monthly Meetings
Come to one of our monthly meetings (Meetings) and help with one of our projects or offer to start a new one.  Gain knowledge about Outdoor Lighting issues and meet some of the people who are actively working on some of the projects.
Join International Dark Skies (IDA)  
Join IDA and automatically become a local SA-IDA member.  IDA funds are used for many important activities including research. (Memberships)
Make a Tax Deductible Donation 
IDA is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization which means your donations are tax deductible.  Donations can be marked for specific projects or  Sections like SA-IDA.  We need funds to print brochures, give award certificates, and other educational activities. (Donations)


As a Business or Group Leader, Neighborhood Leader, or Participant in a Group Meeting, etc.

Star Party Leader or Participant
At the start of your star party give a brief introduction about Dark Skies (Fact Sheet) stating the importance of doing something to help maintain them.  Hand out the Southern Arizona Dark Skies "You Can Make a Difference with 'Good' Outdoor Lighting..." blue brochure.  This can be printed from this web site (Brochure)  or can be obtained from Scott at the IDA office in Tucson (IDA Office)
Neighborhood  or HOA Meetings
Get a spot on the agenda at one of your neighborhood or Home Owner Association meetings to talk about the importance of Good Outdoor lighting.  Hand out the blue brochure mentioned just above this item.  Talk about lights that are good and ones that are not so good and explain why.  Don't get personal and start any wars...  Tell them about this WEB site ( and the IDA WEB site ( which has lots of very beneficial materials under the Resources Page.
Scout Leaders
Contact IDA or SA-IDA to see what materials are available for discussion for you particular age group.  Create a community project or merit badge to help reduce Light Pollution in our area.
Business Leaders
Review you properties to see if they have Poor Outdoor Lighting and see if you can make improvements.  Hand out Good Outdoor Lighting Educational material in your stores.  Invite IDA speakers to your business clubs as guest speakers.  Make a donation to IDA. (Donations)
Send mail to  webmaster  at   sa-ida  dot   org    with questions or comments about this web site.