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"Light Pollution" - The Only Pollution that Costs More to Perpetuate than to Eliminate!






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Lights at night as seen from space above the United States.....


Lots of energy (and money estimated at $2 Billion/year) is wasted by all this light shining upwards

 and by inefficient lamps and fixtures which generate a lot of it.  Arizona uses 7.85 gallons of water

to generate each killowatt-hour of electricity (coal fired plants). 

Light Pollution is having serious effects on all living things, safety, and astronomy.  (see our Publications-Brochures)

This wasted energy would use 157 Billion gallons of water/year if it were all generated in Arizona.

This upwards light is considered light pollution in the form of sky glow, glare, and light trespass.

Replacing Bad fixtures with smaller and more energy efficient ones costs

less than continuing to pay for the electricity for this poorly aimed and inefficient lighting.

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