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News Stories written by SA-IDA members for Astronomy and other Newsletters

- Summary of Year 2005 SA-IDA Activities (read)

- We Admire Benson's Leadership !!!!!  9/23/05  (read)

- The IDA Works for You - - - Both Nearby and Far Away 8/19/05 (read)

- Project Takes Off... .. Literally!!! 7/20/05  (read)

- It's Contagious and Small Changes Do "Add Up" 6/17/05 (read)

-  Students Study Light Pollution  3/18/05 (read)


IDA Section Nite-Net Newsletters (available issues)


News Clips

  Billboard Summary for Year 2005 by Mark Mayer (read)

■  Billboard vote is pushed back by opposition  3/3/04(read)

  Agua Dulce Street lighting News - Tucson Neighborhood Decision  2/4/04 (read)

  Billboard Battle - The Man in the Middle, Mark Mayer  1/8/04 (read)

   Outdoor Lighting Codes - Bills (read)

■  Texaco, Arco stores to get makeovers -AZ Daily Star 4/8/02 (read)

  "Dark sky" legislation clips - AZ Daily Star  (read)


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  Brief Summary of SA-IDA Year 2006 Activities

  Science Fair Winners for 2006 Selected (details)

  Brief Summary of SA-IDA Year 2005 Activities (read)

Tucson Area Year 2005 Billboard Progress Summarized by Mark Mayer (read)

Science Fair Winners for 2005 Selected (details)

U of A, IESNA-SA,  & SA-IDA form Sustainable Lighting Committee (details)

U of A Receives an "Excellence in Outdoor Lighting" Award (details) (photos)









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