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This is where we'll list significant additions/changes to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.  Most recent items listed at the top of the list.

no longer being updated...

12/11/11 - Added "Light Pollution Impacts Our Environment" brochure (see  resources)

02/14/10 - Added "Astronomer/Educator Facts Summary Card" (see resources)

09/15/08 - Added "GO Green" with Responsible Outdoor Lighting  tri-fold Brochure  (see resources)

08/01/08 - Added Wreaking Havoc Power Point (see resources)

11/04/05 - Added News Stories written by SA-IDA Members for local newsletters

11/04/05 - Updated Town of Oro Valley Outdoor Lighting Code (May 2005)

03/23/05 - Added SLC Project details and links

12/04/03 - Added New Marana Outdoor Lighting Code

11/09/03 - Added Santa Cruz Outdoor Lighting Codes

10/02/03 - Added Events page, access from  left sidebar

09/07/03 - Added Dark Sky CD Download

09/02/03 - Added New SA-IDA logo to top corner of menu pages

02/14/03 - Added Lighting Codes Page

10/11/02 - Added Children's Game to Resource Page

09/09/02 - Added Starizona Award detail and photos

07/05/02 - Added Help Needed! Page

05/10/02 - Added The Good, The Bad. and The illegal Page

05/09/02 - Added Obtrusive Lighting Complaint Form to Resources Page

05/07/02 - Added Resources Page

05/06/02 - Added "Proof!" page

05/06/02 - Added "President's Message" to Meetings Page

04/21/02 - Added  Awards Page

04/21/02 - Added News Clips Page to share various dark sky/lighting newspaper items















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