Southern Arizona Chapter of the International DarkSky Association (SA-IDA)

Our Mission:   To help preserve and protect the night time environment and  our heritage of dark skies through education about Quality and Responsible outdoor lighting. To share pertinent information regarding Artificial Light At Night unintended consequences on astronomy, human health, wildlife, plant life and safety.

Chapter Leader: Joe Frannea  (520) 575-7126  email  to  sky@ sa-ida.org
Assistant Leader: Dave Bilgray
Treasurer: Byron Skinner
Secretary: Joe Frannea

Chapter Leaders of SA-IDA:  Dr. Ed Vega was our founder and leader for many years (left photo, passed  Dec 2003). He was followed by Dr. John Polacheck for ten years of leadership (right photo, passed Dec 2019).

Join IDA Today and help make a difference! (info). Note: By joining the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) you automatically become a member of your local IDA Chapter.  The Southern Arizona Chapter of IDA does not have any additional dues requirements.
SA-IDA Bylaws (read)The International Dark-Sky Association is a non-profit educational organization. Memberships and Donations are needed to fund important research and many other projects.Donations are tax deductible, 501 (C) (3).  Maybe your employer will match your donation! Make checks payable to IDA, 3223 N. First Ave., Tucson, AZ 85719 (phone 520 293-3198). To support the Southern Arizona IDA Section (SA-IDA), make checks payable to Southern Arizona Chapter of IDA.

Please note that we only help advise on possible solutions for outdoor lighting violations. It is best to first try to resolve the issue amicably, if at all possible.  It’s “ALL ABOUT EDUCATION” and helping others understand why poor lighting can hurt our environment, cause dangerous safety issues as well as being offensive to others. Violations can be reported to your City or County Development Services Department as a last resort.

Our parent IDA organization has a small but very knowledgeable and diverse staff.