Brochures & Posters

SA-IDA has produced several educational brochures over the years, two are listed below. IDA has developed many professional brochures in the past ten years so we have retired most of ours.

“Light Pollution Impacts Our Environment” Brochure, color double folded glossy brochure for handouts, printed 5,000 copies Dec. 2011 for handouts (view)

“Go Green” with Responsible Outdoor Lighting Brochure – A tri-fold double sided brochure printed on “celery” colored paper (PDF)

“Questions About Outdoor Light” – A half size tri-fold double sided brochure, print two per page, cut and fold.

USA Lights at Night Poster  See if you can find Tucson and other cities.  (view)

Our parent IDA organization has excellent Brochures on Wildlife, Human Health, Crime, Saving Energy and other topics and materials. Check it out!