Educational Materials

Our Education Outreach initiative is to help educate anyone who will listen by sharing and disseminating credible information and research regarding Light Pollution and Artificial Light At Night so they can practice what they learn and share their knowledge with others.  Making good outdoor lighting decisions and reducing Light Pollution all starts with EDUCATION, and it is simple to do. We are always looking for good educational ideas regarding Light Pollution and the importance of Dark Skies. We welcome your input.  

Word Searches with an Educational twist. Beginner or Advanced

Crossword Puzzles about Light Pollution. Beginner or Advanced

Bingo for a group or classroom. A little bit cumbersome. Download

A “Cootie Catcher” about Light Pollution. Use it as a pattern to make your own design. Download

Measuring Light Directions coming out of a light fixture.  Using a piece of paper as a Measurement Tool to see where light travels. Download

A Little Math needed to do some calculations about saving Electricity and Water while Reducing Pollution. Two similar Exercises, five problems each  (maybe about grades 4 to 12)   Work Sheet  and/or Excel Spreadsheet 

Nocturnal Animal Cards Hands-on Activity. An excellent activity to draw children to your table to participate. Great for tabling or science night events. Instructions included on how the cards can be used. Download

Experimenting With Light Hands-on Activity. Our 15-20 minute classroom type activity for ages 8 and up to experiment using small flashlights and planetarium cards see below) to see where light travels, create Light Pollution and Glare, experience reflected light, learn about contrast and more. Has been a huge success for the past 5 years. A detailed document is being developed to share with other educators.

Planetarium/Info Card – Print on White or Yellow card stock for “Experimenting with Light” Exercise – 4x per sheet  (view). Note, the white card is stapled on 3 sides to a black card which has constellation pin holes.

Our parent IDA organization has Educational Materials. Check it out!